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Catalog Of Gesture, 2016

Catalog Of Gesture, 2016

‘A veritable atlas of imagery about movement and time’ (E. Muybridge)

Produced in a Berlin studio during the 2016 US election cycle.  The presented groupings of several hundreds of images borrow from the formal motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge while also exploring the modern day hieroglyphics of gestures both casual and specific to 20th century news, art and popular culture.  The suited figure, the photographer, plays the role of violent perpetrator and victim, of star and idol-worshipper, of icon and no one in a confused and random sequence belying history or sense.  The black suit is both powerful and fictional.

Installation includes groupings of numerous large, still images of an anonymous white, male figure in a black suit in soft focus, numerous stop motion moving images and areas of life-sized, UV-printed single portraits on clear hanging plastic sheeting that the audience moves through and sees through.