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Select Exhibitions:

Second Opinion: New Photography From Hanoi, curator, Manzi Art Space, Hanoi, 2018

In A Green Island – 5 channel video installation – Nha San Collective, Hanoi, 2017; Into Thin Air, Group show, Manzi Art Space, Hanoi 2018

Mirror Writing – Group show, Galerie Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City, 2016

euro2aura (installation – film, painting, drawing, photocopy, artist book) Les Nuits PhotographiquesMoney: Group show, Paris 2015/Nha San Collective, Hanoi/Dia Projects, Saigon 2016, KỆ: History of NowWedeman Gallery, Newton, Ma. USA 2017

olio. v2. – Group show, Galerie Quynh Ho Chi Minh City 2015

That Little Distance – Le Magasin de Jouets, Arles, France 2015

Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute? Film/photography installation, Nha San Collective, Hanoi, Vietnam 2015

That Little Distance – Solo exhibition, Galerie Quynh Ho Chi Minh City 2014

Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute? Media Art/Kitchen Galeri Nasional Indonesia 2013

The Desiring Garden – Asean, Group show, Galerie le Magasin de Jouets / Arles, France 2013

Autopsy Of Days, New Photography From Hanoi, Curator Hanoi 2013; Amherst, MA 2016

Lying Down, Solo exhibition, Japan Foundation, Hanoi, 2012

Noorderlicht Photofestival 2012 – Terra Cognita – The Desiring Garden, Groningen, Netherlands

The Desiring Garden – Solo Exhibition Kathmandu Gallery, Bangkok 2012, Manzi Art Space, Hanoi 2013

Jo Ha Kyu (with Nguyen Trinh Thi) – The Japan Foundation, Hanoi 2012

Skylines Without Flying People, Group show – Rory Gill Fine Art, London, 2011

The Long Bien Picture Show, Producer, curator, photographer Hanoi, 2010

When Evening Comes – Group show Days And Nights, The Bui Gallery, Hanoi, 2010

The Last Mask – Solo Exhibition Hanoi, 2010

Select Publications:

Matca, Across Long Bien, December 2018

Asian American Literary Review, Vol. 6, No. 2 Portfolios, (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War, 2015

diaCRITICS, Art Spaces – Galerie Quynh, December, 2015

Photography And Culture, Portfolio: The Desiring Garden, Vol. 6, No. 3 Fall, 2013

Landscape Stories #13, Vietnam – 3 portfolios, Fall, 2013

PhotoArt Contemporary, The Desiring Garden review, 2013

The Visual Artbeat, New Collections, The Desiring Garden, Summer 2012

Invisible Ph t grapher Asia, Sixty Places To Stand, March 2012

Trans-Asia Photography Review, The Long Bien Picture Show, Spring 2011

diaCRITICS, Eye Level: The Photographs of Jamie Maxtone-Graham, Nov. 2010

culturehall, Issue 50, 2010

burn Magazine, When Evening Comes, 2010

Songs for the Spirits Book cover, Barley Norton, 2009

Tiny Vices, State Of Youth, 2008


In a green Island – 5 channel video installation, ambient sound, 20 mins, loop – 2017

Catalog Of Gesture – photographs, moving image, installation – 2016

euro2aura – installation; film, handmade book, commissioned oil painting, signed photocopy – 2015

Hanoiville – 2014-ongoing

Line Studies – 2014-15

That Little Distance – 2013

Still. Life – 2013

Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute? – 2012 [film/photography installation]

Lying Down – 2012

Sixty Places To Stand – 2011

The Desiring Garden – 2011

The Long Bien Picture Show – 2010 [British Council commission]

When Evening Comes – 2009

Rented White Gowns – 2008-09

Across Long Bien Bridge – 2008

State of Youth – 2007-08 [Fulbright Scholar Grant]


Hitting Home, Producer, Director – Short film, UNFPA commission – 2015

Eclipse – Short art film collaboration – co-director, cinematography, editor, performance; Viet Le, Director – 2015

Letters From Panduranga – essay film, cinematography; Nguyen Trinh Thi, Director. Jeu De Paume 2015, Prudential Eye Award, 2016

Unsubtitled – video installation, cinematography; Nguyen Trinh Thi, Director     Singapore Biennale, 2013

[Singapore Art Museum permanent collection, Signature Art Prize short list, 2014]

Mutual Art / Artist Pension Trust (Beijing) – represented since 2013

Editorial Board – Trans Asia Photography Review [Since 2012]

Hanoi DocLab – Workshop, instructor; Issues in Contemporary Photographic Seeing, 2013, 2016, 2018 Advanced film making, 2015, 2017

British Council, The Long Bien Picture Show – Producer, Curator, Photographer 2010, Awards: YIDFF, Japan/Salaya, Thailand

DED, Face To Face – Curator, Goethe Institut – Hanoi Feb. 2009; traveling exhibition – England, Germany 2010

Fulbright Scholar Research Grant: State of Youth – Contemporary Youth Culture, Vietnam 2007-08