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Select Exhibitions:

Mirror Writing – Group show, Galerie Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City, 2016

Les Nuits PhotographiquesMoney: Group show euro2aura (installation), Paris 2015/Nha San Collective, Hanoi/Dia Projects, Saigon 2016

olio. v2. – Group show, Galerie Quynh Ho Chi Minh City 2015

That Little Distance – Le Magasin de Jouets, Arles, France 2015

Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute? Film/photography installation, Nha San Collective, Hanoi, Vietnam 2015

That Little Distance – Solo exhibition, Galerie Quynh Ho Chi Minh City 2014

Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute? Media Art/Kitchen Galeri Nasional Indonesia 2013

The Desiring Garden – Asean, Group show, Galerie le Magasin de Jouets / Arles, France 2013

Autopsy Of Days, New Photography From Hanoi, Curator Hanoi 2013; Amherst, MA 2016

Lying Down, Solo exhibition, Japan Foundation, Hanoi, 2012

Noorderlicht Photofestival 2012 – Terra Cognita – The Desiring Garden, Groningen, Netherlands

The Desiring Garden – Solo Exhibition Kathmandu Gallery, Bangkok 2012, Manzi Art Space, Hanoi 2013

Jo Ha Kyu (with Nguyen Trinh Thi) – The Japan Foundation, Hanoi 2012

Skylines Without Flying People, Group show – Rory Gill Fine Art, London, 2011

The Long Bien Picture Show, Producer, curator, photographer Hanoi, 2010

When Evening Comes – Group show Days And Nights, The Bui Gallery, Hanoi, 2010

The Last Mask – Solo Exhibition Hanoi, 2010

Select Publications:

Asian American Literary Review, Vol. 6, No. 2 Portfolios, (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War, 2015

Photography And Culture, Portfolio: The Desiring Garden, Vol. 6, No. 3 Fall, 2013

Landscape Stories, 3 portfolios, Fall, 2013

PhotoArt Contemporary, The Desiring Garden review, 2013

The Visual Artbeat, New Collections, The Desiring Garden, Summer 2012

Invisible Ph t grapher Asia, Sixty Places To Stand, March 2012

Trans-Asia Photography Review, The Long Bien Picture Show, Spring 2011

culturehall, Issue 50, 2010

burn Magazine, When Evening Comes, 2010

Songs for the Spirits Book cover, Barley Norton, 2009

Tiny Vices, State Of Youth, 2008


Catalog Of Gesture – photographs, moving image, installation – 2016

euro2aura – installation; film, handmade book, commissioned oil painting, signed photocopy – 2015

Hanoiville – 2014-ongoing

Line Studies – 2014-15

That Little Distance – 2013

Still. Life – 2013

Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute? – 2012 [film/photography installation]

Lying Down – 2012

Sixty Places To Stand – 2011

The Desiring Garden – 2011

The Long Bien Picture Show – 2010 [British Council commission]

When Evening Comes – 2009

Rented White Gowns – 2008-09

Across Long Bien Bridge – 2008

State of Youth – 2007-08 [Fulbright Scholar Grant]


Hitting Home, Producer, Director – UNFPA commission

Eclipse – Short art film collaboration – cinematography, editor, performance; Viet Le, Director

Letters From Panduranga – essay film, cinematography; Nguyen Trinh Thi, Director. Jeu De Paume 2015, Prudential Eye Award, 2016

Unsubtitled – video installation, cinematography; Nguyen Trinh Thi, Director     Singapore Biennale, 2013

[Singapore Art Museum permanent collection, Signature Art Prize short list, 2014]

Artist Pension Trust (Beijing) – represented since 2013

Editorial Board – Trans Asia Photography Review [Since 2012]

Hanoi DocLab – Workshop, instructor; Issues in Contemporary Photographic Seeing, 2013, 2016 Advanced film making, 2015, 2017

British Council, The Long Bien Picture Show – Producer, Curator, Photographer 2010, Awards: YIDFF, Japan/Salaya, Thailand

DED, Face To Face – Curator, Goethe Institut – Hanoi Feb. 2009; traveling exhibition – England, Germany 2010

Fulbright Scholar Research Grant: State of Youth – Contemporary Youth Culture, Vietnam 2007-08