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Moving Image

In a Green Island, 2017

In a green island, far from all men’s knowing (from the poem Sleep and Poetry, John Keats, 1817) 5 channel video installation, ambient sound, 20 minutes, looped – the intersection of privately contracted migrant construction workers asleep in a French colonial-era botanic garden adjacent to the state building site they worked on, Hanoi  Installation view

Eclipse, 2016

Eclipse, 2016 Short film collaboration with artist/performer/director Viet Le View Film

euro2aura, 2015

euro2aura, 2015; Oil painting, photocopy, pencil drawing, artist book, 17 minute film Reflecting on Walter Benjamin’s theory of art and mechanical reproduction, the work explores the potential of imbuing a mass-produced object, in this case a 20-euro note, with the aura of a work of art.  The resulting images, reproduced in Hanoi from a scanned […]

Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute? 2013

Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute? 2013, Video installation with photographs The photographer makes portraits. The photographer leaves the subjects alone with the camera for a minute. The photographer returns.  What changes in the absence of the photographer? View film