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Since 2013, I have conducted a number of long-term, intensive photography workshops.  These typically last for up to three months, meeting twice a week, with the intended outcome of participants producing a finished, personal portfolio of photographs.  This workshop is the only long-term photography workshop currently offered in Southeast Asia and to date has been made available to Vietnamese students exclusively in classes of up to 12 people through an application process.  From 2013 through 2019, workshops were run out of Hanoi DocLab and more recently at Matca Space for Photography

In this critique-based workshop, students engage in three fundamental activities throughout the three months: first, produce new images for each session with group discussion, next – my own introduction of aesthetic developments in post-WWII photography by decade exploring important photographers who contributed to fundamental shifts in the medium through to present day, and finally, students own research of photographers are presented to the group including images, biography and contribution to the history of photography. Fundamentals of making, seeing and interpretation are repeatedly reinforced in each session.  This culminates in student production their own personal portfolio.

Past attendees have used the portfolios generated in the workshops in applying to other regional and international workshops and residencies (Angkor Photo Workshops, Cambodia; Objectifs Centre for Photography, Singapore; Foundry Photo Workshops, India; etc), to participate in gallery and museum exhibitions, or in publications and awards (Aperture Portfolio Prize 2023).

Longer term, some former students have gone on to Masters degree programs in art theory and practice as well as film and technology in the EU and two former students are currently pursuing PhD degrees.  This intensive practical and theoretical workshop process can serve as a platform to next-stage experiences for the student that invests themselves in the work.

Additionally, I also work individually with photographers of any nationality either in person or remotely outside of the workshop setting.  The structure of these sessions is flexible and tailored to the individual’s needs and interests.  Please use my Contact page for further inquiries.