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Across Long Bien Bridge

One Response to “Across Long Bien Bridge”

  1. […] Jamie Maxtone-Graham is another photograph who has been working on Long Bien for some years.  Like Jardine, he takes an almost ethnographical approach, but his photos are harder, more brutal. A young guy resting on an narrow iron beam 20m above the water; a fully tattooed, half-crazy man in the mud looking up; a hand checking the glazing eyes of a drug-addicted; a worker standing behind a crossing electric line at the height of his eyes; a close-up of a guy giving him a heroine shot close to his private part; people cramped in their hut, shot from below, doing nothing, as if waiting. In late 2010, Maxtone-Graham curated the Long Bien Picture Show, featuring four filmmakers and four photographs including him. One of them, Boris Zuliani, shot young couples hanging out on the bridge at night, mostly in shorts and shirts, slippers or bare footed, on or next to their bikes. The extremely long exposure forced people to hold still in their pose for one minute while he did the lighting around them. The results are flat photos looking like painting, softly and blurred, and capturing the life spirit of the young in a tropical city, elegant and beautiful because of their youth. […]