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Catalog Of Gesture, 2016 'A veritable atlas of imagery about movement and time' (E. Muybridge)

Catalog Of Gesture, 2016 Produced during the 2016 US election cycle while living in Berlin.  Installation includes groupings of numerous large, still images of a white, male figure in a black suit in soft focus and a number of stop motion moving images (sample)  

Hanoiville, 2014-15

Hanoiville 2014-15

Sitting still.

Sitting Still / 20 second daylight portraits, Hanoi 2013    

Still.  Life.

Still. Life. 2013      

That Little Distance

That Little Distance 2013 These portraits were produced inside an old, previously state-owned factory in Hanoi, Vietnam.  The room had a large, north-facing window permitting no direct sunlight – only a soft,even illumination throughout the day.  The exposure times of the photographs are between 15 and 20 seconds.  The photographer appears in all of the […]

Lying Down

Lying Down 2012

Jo Ha Kyu

Jo Ha Kyu Tokyo 2011   Exhibited as a companion series to the film Jo Ha Kyu by filmmaker Nguyen Trinh Thi, Japan Foundation, 2012

The Desiring Garden

  The Desiring Garden 2011

The Long Bien Picture Show

The Long Bien Picture Show

This portfolio of 50 portraits was made as a continuation of the work begun in When Evening Comes. The portfolio was part of an exhibition I produced and curated called The Long Bien Picture Show – four photographers and four filmmakers working in the same area during the same 3 month period.

When Evening Comes

When Evening Comes

Portraits made in the Long Bien night market, summer 2009. A selection published at burn magazine, May 2010.

Rented White Gowns

Rented White Gowns

In Vietnam the wedding album is produced prior to the wedding and displayed at the reception. Some images are made in studios but many are produced in the city’s few remaining green spaces. 2008-09

Across Long Bien Bridge

Across Long Bien Bridge

Spanning the Red River, heavily bombed, over 100 years old; the Long Bien Bridge is both an iconic symbol and the practical means of getting somewhere or nowhere at all. 2008

State of Youth

State of Youth

A series focused on contemporary youth culture in Vietnam, 2007-08. Funded by the Fulbright Foundation.

The single image

Single Images